What to do when you’re in a Funk

So funks…I know you know these. The days when you think everything is going wrong in your relationships with family, friends, and yourself. The nights when you think what you’re doing in school or work isn’t enough. Things from your past come to haunt you while goals from your future seem impossible to achieve. You get stuck in a dark tunnel not sure if you can follow the light in the distance or if you even see a light at all.

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Winter got you feeling the blues? Hopefully these list of ideas might reinvigorate and get you outta there.

Oh I know all of these very well too. I am proud to admit that my constant days of living in those thoughts have subsided. Recently though they have started to have a presence more often than I would like. You know there’s that one thing that someone says or doesn’t say and all of a sudden you’re in your room not wanting to go anywhere? Or when your thoughts take you to some unusual place and you can’t muster up the ability to talk to anyone anymore? Yup –  I get it.


From the last couple funks, I have found different ways to bring myself back to myself (haha!) So I want to share those tips as a way for me to remember what I can do to prevent and pick myself out of a funk. And maybe there’s something new for you too:

  • Make a delicious dish

Yogurt, blueberries and granola. Stir fried vegetables. PB and strawberries on toast. I find when I make myself something delicious, I know my mood is instantly turned around! There’s something in making yourself a little treat that makes you feel accomplished and ready to start new things.

  • Go on a walk

Getting a bit of fresh air is a great way to clear the mind. And of course because you’re doing light exercise your brain releases endorphins which reduce the feelings of pain and promote positive feelings. You don’t have to know where you’re going, just start off and see where your feet lead to.

  • Do Yoga / Breathe Deeply

Because yoga focuses on movement through breath, the whole experience brings you back to the present moment. Plus you have all the benefits of exercise.

  • Listen to an upbeat song and dance

Right now “Adventures of a Lifetime” by Coldplay gets me in a positive mood every time I listen to it. I cannot help but dance in my room and before I know it, I want to keep on dancing and continue my day on a positive note.

  • Talk to close loved ones (friends, partners, family, mentors, etc)

Talking to loved ones you feel safe with, can be a great way to get what’s going on in your mind out. Hearing someone else’s perspective on what you’re experiencing can also really help you see something you hadn’t before. For me, my best friends are my go-to loved ones that give me time, space, and acceptance to talk through what I’m going through.

  • Take a long, hot shower or bubble bath

There’s nothing more calming than laying in a bubble bath or taking a hot shower. It’s so simple but so effective. When you especially take your time, you start to enjoy the luxury of the moment and relax into the experience.

  • Explore a different neighborhood/area

Similar to going on a walk, exploring someplace new can really bring you out of a rut. By looking at different things like trees, to buildings, to art you add more to your perspective which can bring you closer to a new way of looking at a problem. I especially love new museums because I notice how much talent and creativity there is in the world.

  • Write/Journal

By far, one of my favorite ways to get out of a funk. When I journal, I have all the time and space to honestly let out anything that is on my mind. There are no rules. Just me, my pen and my journal. By letting everything out, I identify why I am in a funk and how I got there.

Are there any other things you like to do when you’re feeling a little low? I wanna know! 

All of these ideas, have brought me out of an hourly, daily or couple day funk. If you are experiencing something longer than a couple days such as a couple weeks to months, talking to someone like a life couch, therapist or counselor is very useful and helpful.



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