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Don’t Compare Yourself Darling

I remember the first time someone called me out on comparing myself to other people. I was in high school in my ballet class. I don’t remember what I said or what prompted my ballet teacher to tell me this, but she kindly looked at me and said, “Don’t compare yourself to others darling; be inspired by them.

Since then, my goal has been to let go of comparing myself to others.

 Lately, I’ve become very aware of how much we as women compare ourselves to anyone we aren’t. We scroll through pictures on Instagram and Facebook looking at the seemingly amazing lives of the people and wish it was ours…Or maybe we scroll through someone’s “less than” pics and are happy that ours are better. (Either of these sound familiar?)

Comparing ourselves never comes with anything good. We either feel worse about ourselves which puts us into spiraling sadness. Or we feel superior giving us an unrealistic self-perspective. The effect is the same: we leave ourselves unaware of the genuine humanness and greatness that we are.

If I’ve learned anything along my journey of emotional stability, it’s this:

You are unlike anybody else. No one else is like you. You might have similarities; you might have differences. But you belong on this earth and have a unique purpose.

Will others have skills, talents, physical attributes, financial stability, traits that you might not have? Yes. But you do too. And if someone has something that you don’t, that does not mean you are less than or undeserving.

The more I, as an individual and as women, celebrate what others are good at and am inspired by their individuality, the more I see the positive qualities in myself internally and externally. And this small acknowledgment has been a huge step in my journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.

Don’t let yourself be negatively swayed by anyone else’s differences. Let your uniqueness propel you forward and keep you shining.


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