Sunday Insights

Comfortability and Cuisine

My friend Lindsay and I went to the Spitalfield area of London and wandered various wonderful markets filled with food, funky clothes, delightful desserts and interesting people. I mean take a look at these photos! Doesn’t the food look so vivid and yummy?

The whole experience was great because it allowed me to get out of my apartment (*cough cough* and my head) and back into the present. Exactly what I needed.

“So many people say home isn’t a place it’s with the people you’re with. But stripped at its core, wouldn’t that be comfort?”

Seeing the vibrant colors of different Ethiopian dishes to Indian chicken wraps to Italian gnocchi and pizzas, how could you not get out lost in another world? Gazing upon the diverse faces and hearing the different tongues yapping, eradicated the familiar stressors that have been begging for attention in my brain.

To be somewhere different, was rejuvenating. And yes, I know “rejuvenating” is a big word. But for me something so simple as food and walking around in places you don’t know becomes the biggest positive experience.

Several points in my life I have realized this. But today it hit me much more strongly.

Amidst the crowds and smells, I felt…at home. I felt comfortable. And this is a big thing for me. For six months the concept of home has been strange in my body. Things that I definitively defined as home and people that I associated with home suddenly started to morph. They all began to take the shape of faraway entities and uncomfortable energies that I no longer knew how to relate to.

But here with my new friend, and vast amounts of food, I felt home. I felt connected to the world and not just a nothing. There was no inner voice telling me to be silent or thinking something burdening. There was no voice at all really. I was just being.

“Amidst the crowds and smells, I felt…at home. I felt comfortable.”

And then from that moment I realized that home is comfort. So many people say home isn’t a place it’s with the people you’re with. But stripped at its core, wouldn’t that be comfort?

If home does equate to loved ones, aren’t those people at that wonderful level because you’re comfortable with them? Because they make you feel safe and secure to be yourself? And likewise you do the same for them? Maybe comfortability is the key that opens up ourselves to others and even ourselves.

Any by no means am I saying that comfortability must come from other people. I truly believe that inner power, whether positive or negative, is a strong force on earth. And for me, and as I imagine many others on this world, creating that inner comfortability is a process. But like all processes, you also need outside sources to guide you along that journey. And maybe that’s what friends and loved ones are there for: to remind you to be comfortable as yourself. Or to give you a little boost so then you can help keep your own fire lite.

Whatever the divine reason, I thank the universe for this enlightening day and hope to always remember the benefits of getting out of my routine to enjoy the day.

What have been that places or people that make you comfortable? 


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